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Using liberal feminist literary studies, this work employs a literary strategy based on literary criticism. The book Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith, published by Abascus, is the subject of this study. The book Tears of the Giraffe serves as the major data source for this investigation. In 2006, this book was released with 398 pages of content. Reading, listening, and taking notes were the primary methods of gathering data for this investigation. A qualitative descriptive method was used to analyze the data. The novel's characters, locations, and themes were used to identify sexims issues in the novel's content. It may be seen in the novel's characters that women degrade other female characters in terms of sexism. Male characters don't denigrate the female character as much as they might. It may discern the shape of the sexism dilemma by looking for statements or quotations that suggest it. According to Alexander McCall Smith's book Tears of the Giraffe, women have sexism issues. For both family and business, Alexander McCall Smith portrayed in Tears of the Giraffe.</p> Hussein Kadhim Zamil Copyright (c) 2022 Journal La Sociale Sun, 07 Aug 2022 21:09:29 +0700 Poor Officiatintg, Lack of Sportsmanship Spirit and Poor Facilities as Triggers of Violence Among Sports Audience in Portharcourt Metropolis, Nigeria <p><em>This study examined if poor officiating, lack of sportsmanship spirit and poor facilities are triggers of violence among sports audience in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria. This study was conducted among the inhabitants of Port Harcourt metropolis in River state. The descriptive survey research design and a sample size of 1,000 participants were used. The multi-stage sampling technique, a structured, validated and modified Likert type questionnaire were employed. The reliability of the instrument was determined through the Crombach Alpha, which gave a value of r = 0.89. The data collected was analyzed using the Chi-square statistics. The study revealed that poor officiating, lack of Spirit of Sportsmanship and poor facility were triggers of violence among sports audience in Port Harcourt metropolis, Nigeria. It was consequently recommended that only competent and knowledgeable officials should be used for matches. Both players and supporters should be educated on the rules of games and trained to accept the decision of referees’ umpires etc. and should not see competition as a do-or-die affair/event.</em></p> Olumide Olusoga Ezomoh, Gloria O. Nwankwo Copyright (c) 2022 Journal La Sociale Sun, 07 Aug 2022 21:16:12 +0700 The Virtuosity of Traditional Africa and the Plasticity of Its Affects: The Cross-Cultural Fertilization of “Yela” in the Western Sahel and Savanah <p><em>Throughout the poetic image and imaginative construction of the self, the Yela embodies a protrusive source of vindication within the intellective and creative process of understanding become an object of perception. From an ingenuous beget to a more compound whole of a convention of representation and the association of experience, the Yela inside the Puular language becomes a structural material. Thus, the constituent of conservative imagery and the colonialist dynamic influences frame an innovative eccentric variety that appraises the formation of reality, memory, and symbol. Therefore, the domain of Yela through its cultural and artistic body, and within its existing essentiality of Gaandal and Demngal overtakes the principles of basic linguistics and the colonialist conventional perception of productivity. In effect, the Yela art through the all-encompassing relation of the Puular language with the whole performance of time and space, emphasizes on a cosmopolitan wholesome recombination, settlement and re-appropriation of material imagination and objective reality of intellection. The foundation of intellectual and artistic image, and imaginative expression, the corresponding inventiveness of the Yela art, and the musical nationalism arrange move beyond comatose understanding. Therefore, the commitment of this article underlines the question of the effective temperature of the Yela indigenous value of imagination, and its transformative experience as regard language, sociolinguistic and ecological reflectivity, and then its emphasis on its contemporary stylistic compass of performance.</em></p> Souleymane Diallo Copyright (c) 2022 Journal La Sociale Sun, 07 Aug 2022 21:23:29 +0700