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Several different contexts call for the implementation of non-verbal communication strategies such as gestures, eye movements, facial expressions, and body language. Among them, emotion detection based on body movements. It can also identify the emotions of a person even if they are too far away from the camera. Other studies have shown that body language can express emotional states more effectively than words can. In this research study, an emotional state is determined by the human motion of the entire body. The architecture of a deep convolution neural network is used, and multiple parameter settings are considered. Both the University of York's emotion dataset, which includes 15 different kinds of emotions, and dataset of GEMEP corpus, which includes five emotions, can be used to assess the proposed system. The results of the experiments demonstrated that the proposed system has a higher degree of recognition accuracy.</em></p> Muthana S. Mahdi Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Multiapp 2023-07-18 2023-07-18 4 1 1 10 10.37899/journallamultiapp.v4i1.773 Neutrinos above the Earth's Surface <p><em>In article “Doppler Effect and neutrino acoustic signatures”, published in the journal “LA MULTIAPP” on February 25, 2022, I was forced to touch on an astrophysical topic when, in the data stream obtained by monitoring the acoustic noise of the earth’s crust with high amplitude resolution (more 240 dB) and in a wide frequency band (from 0.1 Hz to 50 kHz) events began to appear, the forms and frequencies of which are not typical for geophysics and seismology. Similar forms can be seen in works on the detection of acoustic traces of neutrino decay in water and ice. The possibilities of increasing the sensitivity in measurements in a solid medium are discussed. In addition, underwater and underground facilities are being built that use the effect of Cherenkov radiation. All of these methods require complex and very expensive installations on a huge scale. Even acoustic measurements in water and in wells are very laborious and expensive, and most importantly: such measurements are forever tied to a specific place. Therefore, the creation of a light, compact and mobile device for recording acoustic traces of neutrino decay is an urgent task, the solution of which will allow recording traces of neutrino decay not only in water and the earth's crust, but also in air, into space, on planets and satellites.</em></p> Askold Sergeevich Belyakov Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Multiapp 2023-07-24 2023-07-24 4 1 11 22 10.37899/journallamultiapp.v4i1.782 Finger Vein Recognition with Hybrid Deep Learning Approach <p><em>Finger vein biometrics is an identification technique based on the vein patterns in fingers, and it has the benefit of being difficult to counterfeit. Due to its high level of security, durability, and performance history, finger vein recognition captures our attention as one of the most significant authentication methods available today. Using a mixed deep learning approach, we investigate the challenge of identifying the finger vein sensor model. Thus far, we use Traditional LSTM architectures for this biometric modality. This work also suggests a brand-new hybrid architecture that shines due to its compactness and a merging with the LSMT layer to be taught. In the experiment, original samples as well as the region of interest data from eight freely available FV-USM datasets are employed. The standard LSTM-based strategy is preferable and produced better outcomes, as seen by the comparison with the earlier approaches. Moreover, the results show that the hybrid CNN and LSTM networks may be used to improve vein detection performance.</em></p> Thekra Abbas Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Multiapp 2023-07-24 2023-07-24 4 1 23 33 10.37899/journallamultiapp.v4i1.788 Design Intelligent Protection System Based Microcontroller <p><em>Protecting vaccines and making sure they are still good until they are used is a problem that hurts people, especially in countries that don't have the right facilities to make sure vaccines are still good. This is because vaccines can lose their effectiveness if they are used in places other than where they were made. Whether you're putting something away or moving it, it's best to hold it back. In this project, we're going to build a system that will keep an eye on the COVID-19 vaccine and let people know if a vaccine isn't available because of a problem in the supply chain. The system has a microcontroller called the Arduino UNO, a temperature sensor, a GSM type SIM900, and a GPS device. The vaccine storage is measured by the temperature sensor. Messages are sent and received using GSM, which stands for "Global System for Mobile Communication." Satellites are used with GPS (globe position system) to find out where you are. If the temperature is too high (doesn't meet the criteria for storage), the system sends an SMS message with the location of the vaccine box (latitude and longitude). The location is being looked at on Google Maps.</em></p> Qabas Abdal Zahraa Jabbar Copyright (c) 2023 Journal La Multiapp 2023-07-24 2023-07-24 4 1 34 42 10.37899/journallamultiapp.v4i1.797